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Capricorn Energy Candle - 9oz / 36 Hour Burn Time

Capricorn Energy Candle - 9oz / 36 Hour Burn Time

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The Astrologia Collection includes an intuitively curated set of zodiac candles hand poured by the Downtown Tarot Company in Michigan. Zodiac Candles are wonderful birthday gifts and are perfect for working with an individuals sun, moon, ascendant, or any other sign in their birth chart.

CAPRICORN: Strengthens your ambitious Capricorn energy with green aventurine, smoky quartz, & blackberry. Adds amenable energy with lapis & woad for balance. Hand poured with a unique coconut-soy blend wax scented with Dragons Blood to enhance your personal power.

- Coconut soy wax blend infused with Dragon's Blood fragrance oil
- 9 oz glass jar, 7.5 oz of wax
- Approximately 36hour burning time

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