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Cedar 7oz Botanical Candle - Wax Apothecary Candles

Cedar 7oz Botanical Candle - Wax Apothecary Candles

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I am so excited to welcome Wax Apothecary to the Materia Magikeia family! Their line of gorgeous botanical candles are a great way to connect with a specific botanical, or can be used as the base of a candle spell using the botanical's properties. 

Cedar Aromatherapy: improves focus and mental balance, symbolizes protection, wisdom and abundance

**Cedar Oil Naturally Yellows in the Sunlight, Store in Box**

7 oz. vegan candle is handmade with 100% plant-based wax, natural fragrance derived from essential oil, & blended with genuine cedar, then hand poured into scotch tumbler glass container. Cotton wick is used for clean burning & natural white color of wax so there is NO color dye is added.

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