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Handpoured Beeswax Hekate Altar Icon/Statue

Handpoured Beeswax Hekate Altar Icon/Statue

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This altar icon of Hekate features several of Her traditional symbols, including torches, snakes, the strophalos and the key at Her feet. The back of the icon is completely blank, allowing you space to inscribe a sigil or phrase. 

Made from 100% natural and organic beeswax from a local beekeeper, this icon will last for several years unless left near high heat. It can also be melted as part of a ritual or spell. I hand-pour each individually, so please be aware there may be a few days delay in your order if I have a large quantity to create. While all are created from the same mold, the natural nature of beeswax means each will be slightly different. 

Please note: This is not a candle, it does not have a wick. If you wish to melt it as part of spellwork, you will need to use a large wax melter.

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