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Hekate of Renewal (Hekate-Medea-Circe) Vinyl Sticker

Hekate of Renewal (Hekate-Medea-Circe) Vinyl Sticker

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Celebrate botanical witchcraft with our Hekate of Renewal vinyl sticker, honoring Hekate, Medea and Circe. Artwork by Margie Stingley. Hekate of Renewal features several correspondences: torches, potions, skulls, keys, botanicals, the moon, gold, brown and green. 

Size: 3 inches high

Stickers are waterproof, scratch proof, and fade resistant. Stickers can be used on laptops, water bottles, cars, notebooks, and any other clean non porous surface you can think of. If you choose to attach one to a candle, be sure to remove the sticker before it can burn!

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