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Long-Stemmed Stone Rose (Multiple Stones Available)

Long-Stemmed Stone Rose (Multiple Stones Available)

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Gorgeous hand-carved stone roses with a detachable silver-colored stem. Available in a variety of stones, select your rose from the drop-down menu above.

Size:  Rose: 1.5" tall x 1.5" wide 1.375" thick Stem: 7.75" tall 3.125" wide

Available in:

Fluorite - Peace and Positivity
Green Aventurine - Abundance & Prosperity
Moss Agate - Tranquility & Emotional Balance
Labradorite - Protects from Negativity
Strawberry Quartz - Self-love and Self-confidence
Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love
Hematoid Quartz - Grounding
Lepidolite - Protection and Stress Relief
Orange Calcite - Positivity & Stability
Black Obsidian - Protection and Grounding
Yooperlite - Clarity & Understanding - (Black Light Reactive)
Chevron Amethyst - Tranquility and Balance
Sodalite - Calm & Truth - (Black Light Reactive)

(Please note: one of the photos shows some pieces with gold finishing - we only have roses with silver finishing available at this time.)

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