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Moldavite Specimen #C05 - weight 0.72g

Moldavite Specimen #C05 - weight 0.72g

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Moldavite is a type of tektite (glass formed from meteor impact) found in the Czech Republic famous for its properties and scarcity. We are happy to present our current collection of Moldavite sourced directly from a reputable dealer in the Czech Republic. 

Moldavite is a transformative ally, helping us process emotional & spiritual wounds, initiate new ways of thinking, and preparing us for rapid change. Working with this mineraloid can assist with many spiritual skills, such as clairvoyance, manifestation, meditation, channeling, etc.

This piece shown here is the piece you will receive. The obsidian mushroom shown in the 2nd photo is provided for scale - it is approximately 1 inch high - and is not included with this item. Our Moldavite is shipped inside a gem case to offer extra protection during transit. 

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